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Every home tells a story, and the roof is its crowning glory. In a city like Miami, FL, known for its sunny days and occasional unpredictable storms, a resilient roof is not just a luxury, but a necessity. Amidst Miami’s vibrant skyline, where every structure narrates tales of time and weather, your home deserves a roofing partner that’s committed to longevity and quality.


The implications of settling for average roofing solutions are extensive – from incessant leaks to unexpected damages and the subsequent decrease in property value. Given the myriad of choices in the roofing industry, pinpointing the right service can be daunting.


Introducing Borges Roofing Inc., the premier roofing company. Extending our reputable services beyond our initial base, we now stand tall and proud, ready to serve the dynamic community. With a stellar reputation built over 6 years, our family-driven enterprise has stood the test of time, always placing our clients at the heart of all we do.


Our commitment goes beyond mere service delivery. We champion clarity and honesty, offering free, comprehensive on-site assessments, ensuring every homeowner feels informed and valued.

Our solutions: 
  • Roof Repairs
  • Emergency Roof Repairs
  • Roof Replacement Services
  • Residential Roof Installation


Miami, FL, with its unique climatic challenges, demands roofing solutions tailored to its specifics. As a certified roofing company, our expertise in roof installations and replacements ensures you get a formidable defense against nature’s whims. And should you face an unforeseen roofing emergency, Borges Roofing Inc. is always on standby, ensuring prompt interventions for your peace of mind. With us., you don’t just get a roofing service; you embrace a partnership that vows to safeguard your cherished abode. Our unparalleled craftsmanship and community spirit are testimonies of our pledge to excellence. Because, at the end of the day, your home’s protection is our prime directive.

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